Sunday, July 3, 2011

For a Wanderer Soul

I am trying
to reach the point where I can forgive you
and able to look back the memories with the touch of smile

I know I will reach that point.

Walking wounded, I may now
And shattered, you can say so…
But I will heal by the time goes by
As I would realize,
That I am worth more than just mourning the lost love

It does not matter how long it was spent,
as the love, care and hopes mounted are not bind to the dimension of time
they grew faster than the harvested rice field

Ah, if only there is a way to master the destiny
I would fill your life
with nothing but the colours of rainbow,
the sweetest of honey bee,
the fresh of morning due,
and the peace of the sound of water flows on the mountain

But who am I to tell someone’s heart?
not even Kings can order how it should be
as The True Owner Himself has given the bless of freedom upon it
and it may not be the things you desire

Dear wanderer soul,
In this wide universe of skies,
I sincerely wish you can find what you are looking for

Just watch your steps, if I may ask,
as sometimes the world hides endless through
And be careful,
as mines of traps can be spread around,
disguised under the sparks of beauties
- - -

I am heading
to the point where I will forgive you
and able to look back the memories with the touch of smile;

I know I’ll get there.

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