Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Different

Remember when I asked you about whether we belong to certain place/community/people?

Actually, it was something that I felt recently.
With the new people come, and as I know them until now,
I felt more and more ‘different’.
Different interest, different point of views, different everything..

And it made me felt.. alienated. An alien in a ‘civilized’ environment.
And it gave me this strange and uncomfortable feeling.I felt small and at some point just being ‘not fit’ and ‘not belong’

But I think it over, and I also think of what you said,
I tried to look me-being-’different’ in a different perspective.
I found that there is other way to look at it.

Different can make me an ‘alien’.
But it can also make me ’special’.

And guess what??
Being special is not at all bad or ashamedful!

It is sometime even make me ‘better’.
I have different ways, different interests and different views - which is completely fine!

I may not being ‘modern’ or ‘noble’ in the eyes of the world…
But again, is it all that important??

Don’t I care much more to try my best to be at least ‘worth’ in the eyes of ‘The Owner of The Universe’?
Or at least in the eyes of my own heart, my own conscious.

That is what important to me.

God, how I’ve been foolish…
If I tried to be what I’m not, I won’t be happy.
Because it simply isn’t me.

If I do it, I would betray and deny all of the blesses in my life! being ungrateful..
That would be the wrong thing,

So, now I would consider myself as being ’special’.
Feeling grateful about all the things I have and feeling good for being simply who I really am.

I am special.
And I am proud of it.

Thanks for reading.

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