Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bendera Setengah Tiang

Reading the news about the bombing in Mumbai, India, it is shocking how human are thirsty for others' blood and lives; playing God.

... And how misunderstanding and mis-interpretation of teaching can turn into collective extreme ego; moving far away from its pure and beautiful essence of peace and bless to this beautiful earth we are living.

Don't really know whether the winning of Obama in US can make any difference.
But one should not lose faith; or hope.
'Coz that's what keeping us going.

This happening also reminds me of an email I wrote to a friend in last 2006; when there were offensive caricatures of the Holy Prophet Muhammad; and strong reactions on that:

Just want to share a piece of mind...
What I would say about the publication here is that most of the people are curious about the cartoons; as most of them don't have the access to internet while it is of course forbidden for the media to publish any of the pictures.

I have seen the pictures.
And I do think that the newspaper had very bad and wrong judgement and also lack of knowledge.
I think Muslims around the world would consider it as a big insult of the holy Prophet Muhammad.

However, looking at the bigger picture, we need also to learn where this is all come from.

As we (my parents and I) discussed, sadly we would say that violence and terrorism that took place anywhere in the world by the name of Islam may responsible for sending the very wrong image and understanding about the character of the holy Prophet Muhammad.

As By The Name of God, he is actually the most noble person ever created in the world!

So noble that the God himself claimed that He would not created the world if it is not for him.

He speaks the language of love, empathy and forgiveness to all man kind...

Teaching nothing but care to each other and share nothing but compassion to all man kind.

Spreading kindness and goodness in his devotion to the Lord of the Life.

Suffered so much yet so full of mercy even to the very worst enemy, where he would pray for God to show them the way instead of destroyed them - while he actually could've done that...

And how he loved all of us so that even when he closed to death, what he think and worried most is all of us...
Whether we can actually passed the test of life, and choose to be in God's way, where there and only there would we find the true safety and happiness.

So our reactions were that we are very sad that people around the world, the very people that he cared and love has this very, very wrong image about him..

But it would also wise to see what are the background and the reasons of this anger and hatred (which forms in the shape of violence and terrorism).
Would it be the bad external policies of what so-called the civilized and democratic countries??

It's like a 'lingkaran setan'... where we could not find the way out of this.

However, I do not lose the faith.
I still believe that one can actually make difference.
I still have the faith that if we truly are trying, then we may eventually send the 'correct' message about the true beauty of Islam and also of course the holy Prophet Muhammad himself, God be with him.

Insya Allah.

As we owe him so much.


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