Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Own Very First Fridge and Home Phone

August 28th, 2007

Good morning!

Last Saturday, Dayu and I went to Carrefour.
We bought a wireless home-phone and a fridge.
We already have the intention to buy those things before.

Dayu is best in choosing things to buy because she is thorough and careful and full of considerations.
She would ask what are the meaning of this and that and how is it to compare with other brands, etc.

And so I think we got a good product eventually (for the fridge).

It is a Toshiba - a two-doors fridge, non CFC, 180 L in capacity; has deodorizer to prevent smell
from contaminating other items in the fridge; and the more important thing is that it is the most energy-saving.

It only needs 70 watts while others with more or less similar spec would need more than 100 or even more than 200 watts.
So that’s good.

Moreover, they charge us none for delivery which was done the next day.

For the wifone - well, Esia is the only brand there is.
And so we took Esia.
We got home and bring back the phone; but we didn’t tell our parents that we bought the fridge.
We decided that it was going to be a surprise.

That night, we ended the day by calling my brother and his wife..

It was fun. Our parents seemed to be happy.

The next day, we found that the phone has already covered by a cute phone cover.
It turns out that she has already has and keep it just incase…

She also wonders why no body called so that she can picked it up and answered…
But ofcourse it was because no body knew our number yet… :)

But the best was when those men finally delivered the fridge.

My mom was very surprised, nervous and a bit panicked…
But definitely happy and overwhelmed…

It’s good to see her wide smile… and it never got off her face the entire day…
She was even ‘bersujud syukur’…

And then she did funny things like touching and hugging the fridge,
Looked and open it…
If we had camera, she even wanted us to take a picture of her and the fridge!! :))

For technical reason, the fridge was not suppose to be turned on until another 6 hours since it arrived to our house - this is to stabilize whatever the thing inside…
And since it arrived at around 4.30 pm, my parents woke up until 11 pm last night (maybe more)… just to experience ‘the moment’ - of turning on the fridge… :))
Have a wonderful day!

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