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Script #1: “METAMORFOSIS of ACORNIA", an Acorn Indonesia Story

Scene 01
Narration :

This is a story of a girl named Acornia;
In search for her identity

Music Opening
Stage :

A guy wearing a Prince costume; with crown and robe. There is writing on his chest and back part of the robe saying: CLIENTS.
The prince is riding a fake horse (the one which is usually used for ‘Kuda Lumping’) or not riding anything; and act like he is looking for someone/something.
A girl enters the stage with ragged costume. Her face is half covered by a half-face-mask. She is trying to approach the Prince, but she’s hesitated and looks into herself. She doesn’t want to be seen.
Meanwhile, the Prince seemed can’t see the girl, even though they’re already in face-to-face.
At last, the Prince just walk pass by the girl, keep looking for something.
She turns her head to look at the Prince for the last time, and see him away.

Unspeakable pain runs through her half-covered face. And then, she collapsed on the floor.

Music Silence

Scene 02

Stage : Acornia is half-lying on the floor, when a gentle voice wakes her up

Acornia… !
Wake up, child…

Stage : Acornia wakes up, frightened.

Who is that?
What do you want from me?

Now don’t be afraid, my child…
I am your Fairy-God-Mother
I’m here to help you..


Stage : Acornia relieved. Not afraid anymore

What is it, child?
Why do you look so sad?

Oh, dear Fairy-God-Mother,
I have lost my love.
The man that passed me by is my fiancé
We have been engaged since we were kids
But now he doesn’t even realize my existence;
Nor I have the dare to touch and reach for him

Why, my child?

An evil spirit had put spell on me
I don’t know what to do
Don’t panic, little one.
Every problem has its solution.
I believe we can break the spell.
All you have to do is to dig inside your self and your heart.
And you’ll find the answers.

But, how?

That, my child..
Have to be sought by yourself.
Believe in yourself, and everything will be all right.
And do remember: you are Not alone


Don’t leave me


Scene 03

Stage : Acornia walks back and forth, thinking

Fairy-God-Mother told me that I have to dig inside of myself..
What is that mean?
What do I have?
What have I learned?


I do have weaknesses…
These are things that trapped me
And sent me away from my love

Stage :

Adhit bring a “tree board”, and Acornia stands right in front of it.
A guy wearing Evil costume; laughing, and carrying writings shaped in multiple weapons, and use them against Acornia. The writings contain “Less Confidence”, “Less infrastructure / facilities”, “Less Quality Control”, “Less Known / Promotion for Clients”, “Less people with skill on tools”.
Acornia looks frighten and provoked

I know my weaknesses,
But what are my strengths?


I know I have dedicated, loyal and hard-working human resources…

Stage :
Adhit plays Jim : A paper board putted in front of him, saying : Jim. Working hour : 7am-9pm
Adhit poses like a sitting man with glasses and pencil in his mouth, typing. Stop, and turn to the audience, saying: “The school is reaa..lly open”

Adhit plays Frances : ‘Frances’ standing on a tree board which has names of clients and proposal, playing her lips with her fingers, thinking

Adhit plays Nur : ‘Nur’ stands in front of “hands-board”, like Dewi Kala. Each of the hands holds writings such as: “pro-forma”, “invoice”, “administration”, “moving office”, “YET”, etc

Adhit plays Ina : Wear glasses with a writing on her head that marked $

Adhit plays Nurul : Wear a curly-hair-wig, sit and thinking. In front of her, there is a paper board saying : Nurul, working hour : 9am – whatever it takes. Behind her, there are writings say : “Absolute”, “Relative”, “Trend”

Adhit plays P Ronny : Wearing mustache and glasses, standing in front of a tree board with writings saying : “New interviewers”, “Quality Control”, “Honest”, “Accurate”, “On-Time”

And I have high spirit and beautiful dreams !

Stage : A man wearing colorful shirt, short pants, hat and sun-glasses. Carrying a bag on his back and carrying a signpost with writings saying : “2006 : Company Outing to Bali”, “2008 : Company Outing to South East Asia” and “2010 : Company Outing to Europe”

I am tough, patient and determined

Music : Wind blows hard

Stage :

A guy pose like a body builder, and then walk as against a hard-blowing wind, avoiding for an invisible strikes (think like Matrix), and keep walking forward

And the most important thing is : I believe in God’s help

Stage : A guy in a pray position


Very good, my child.
You finally understand.


Now I will give you MORE weapons beside your strength
for you to fight your evil


The Sword of SKILL;
Made from trainings of tools that your ancestor have had since centuries;
FPR, CLoSE and Add+Impact are some of the metal elements that built it

Stage : Acornia pose on her knee, accepting a fake sword from a guy

The Mighty Whip;
Made from the steel of Quality Control
Implemented in each stage of research process

Stage : Acornia pose on her knee, accepting a fake whip from a guy

The Silver Arrows;
Made from the active credential presentation
And good reputation of your work performance,
Spreading across all directions to find their targets

Stage : Acornia pose on her knee, accepting a fake bow and arrows

The Golden Shield of AcornCare;
Made from the strong and close relationships among Acorn people;
Built by the celebration and condolence of daily events,
Where people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and felt being given attention to; and being worth on their difficult times

Stage : Acornia pose on her knee, accepting a fake shield

…And the last but not least;
Do remember that you are Not alone
You have all the spirit and support from your own very parents;

Stage : Microsoft Power Points : face of Kim Lean and Chong Wah slowly appears;
Or; there is a guy holding pictures of both of them

You Will be able to defeat any evil,
As their wishes
Be the feathers of your wings;
And their sphere of hopes
Have your companion,
Where ever you are

Scene 04

Stage : Out of no where, an evil come to the stage, approaching Acornia with bunch of weaknesses weapons, laughing.

Hey evil spirit!
I’m not afraid of you anymore!
I’ll fight you ‘till the last drop of my blood!

Stage :

Acornia and The Evil fight with their weapons until they’re running out their weapons.
The music suddenly change into the ‘Pencak Silat’ music.
Acornia and the evil continue to fight without weapons (movements to be arranged accordingly), until the time when Acornia knocked the evil down the floor, and put a piece of paper on the forehead of the evil (think like a Chinese priest put on the yellow-spell-paper to a Chinese vampire).
And then, the Evil left the stage by jumping (just like a chinese vampire will do)

(and then, there is the voice of the Fairy-God-Mother)

Music : Soothing-relieving-soul music

Well done, child..
Now you have learned and understand,
That the evil spirit comes from your-own-very-self;
And can only defeated by your own-very-self
And not forget to respect yourself;
Only in that way that people will respect you


Scene 05 : Last Scene

Stage :

A guy bring a paper square; shaped like a big frame; big enough to cover Acornia’s body from the eye sights. (The guy also bring other things: butterfly wings, flowers (or little gifts) and kertas manik-manik kecil; unseen by the audience
Acornia to wear the butterfly wings and the flower crown.

Music : You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

… And soon, my child…
You’ll be as beautiful as the ocean pearl..
Your wings will be strong enough.. to fly against the stormy wind

Stage : The guy to throw the kertas manik-manik kecil up in the air;
Acornia to slowly walk through the paper and pose a little while.
Eyes stare on the audience’s eyes, and smile.
The guy to leave the stage.

..And you shall bring with you
The greatest hope!
.. For all of your people :
You shall become the gift it self for your people

Stage : Acornia to give the flowers (or the little gifts) to the audience

…And when the time comes,
You’ll know that you really ARE : ACORNIA,

Stage :

In the center of the stage, Acornia gives bow to the audience.
After a while, the Prince joins to give bouquet / a flower to Acornia, and kiss her hand on his knee. Acornia smells it and smile. They holding hands, and bow together to the audience.

--- THE END ---

Jakarta, August 10, 2004

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