Monday, December 1, 2008


Scene 01

Narration :

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
In a moment, you are about to experience a journey, knowing the story of Indonesia:
A transformation which involve great people in the process of building our country;

Scene 02

Narration :

Centuries ago, in 14th century, lies some kingdoms within the areas of Indonesia
But it was Majapahit Kingdom that emerged and soars to the sky, as it had the largest area, which reached up to Madagascar and conquered many other small kingdoms

The success of this kingdom was bounded to a name of a man: GAJAH MADA, who was the General of the Kingdom – a brave and a visionary man who took a famous vow as the prove of his determination for not vonsuming any delicious food (PALAPA) before Majapahit Kingdom is able to conquer all of the areas within Indonesia “SUMPAH PALAPA – THE PALAPA VOW’

Stage: Daniel as Gajahmada, enters the stage,
Props: Sword

(Take out his sword)

Stage: Gajahmada exits the stage

Scene 03

Narration :

As time went by, many things happened;
Changes in kingdom made it fall – and for several years, Indonesia was divided in smaller kingdoms;

The beauty of Indonesia and its natural resources attracted the invaders to come and took advantage of the area;

There were fights everywhere within the country;
There was Cut Nyak Dhien in Aceh: - a brave lady who was the leader of the Acehnese to fight the Netherlands

Stage: Nani as Cut Nyak Dhien; took out her ‘Rencong’ and run – as if chasing the enemy, and followed by Bowo and Daniel as the soldiers

(Take out her sword)
(Followed by Bowo & Daniel who also runs and make some noises)

There was also ‘Pangeran Hasanudin’ from Sulawesi Island – who had been called ‘AYAM JANTAN DARI TIMUR’ – ‘THE COCK FROM THE EAST’ for his bravery

There was ‘Pangeran Diponegoro’ from Central of Java – a prince who chose to fight the ‘Ruler’ instead of having wealthy life

Stage: Bowo as Pangeran Diponegoro – riding horse and use the whip

Scene 04

Narration :


However, as the fights were being done sporadically, their efforts were not able to cast away the invaders

Hundreds of years passed by…
The youth of the areas in Indonesia realized the need and the importance of having an independent country –
and to be united was the only way to do it

After all of the tears, blood, and lives taken in the fights against the colonialism,
The youth of Indonesia decided to claim back their freedom and be a whole new and independent country –
It was Sukarno and Hatta who were chosen as the President and Vice President of Indonesia; and proclaiming the historical text of ‘PROKLAMASI’ in 17th August 1945

Stage: Bowo as Bung Karno, and Daniel as Hatta is standing behind him

(Reads a Proklamasi Text & translated by the Narrator)

Kami bangsa Indonesia
(Narrator: We, the people of Indonesia)

Dengan ini menjatakan kemerdekaan Indonesia
(Narrator: are proclaiming the independence of Indonesia)

Hal-hal jang mengenai pemindahan kekoeasaan d.l.l, diselenggarakan
dengan tjara saksama dan dalam tempoh jang sesingkat-singkatnja.
(Narrator: The things that related to the removal of power etc, would be done in a scrupulous way and in the shortest time )

Djakarta, 17 Agustus 1945,
Atas nama Bangsa Indonesia: Soekarno-Hatta
(Jakarta, 17 August 1945, by the name of the people of Indonesia: Soekarno-Hatta)

Scene 05

Narration :

Years passed… Things happened within the new independent country.
Threats were coming from both inside and outside of the country
Which made the founding fathers gave the power to the next President of Indonesia: Soeharto

Stage: Bowo as Soeharto, smiling to the audience

During his time, good and bad things happened – the country was able to build the physical infrastructure, however was not able to build the mentality of the people.
Corruption was everywhere, done by everyone, and seen as a normal thing.
Suharto was able to maintain his power through force,
However, the need for change during the crisis in 1997 was calling out the youth and the students to revive and claim the democracy and forced the President down through the process of what-so- called “REFORMASI” – REFORMATION

Soeharto was replaced by BJ Habibie; the vice president who used to be the minister of Research and Technology and able to make the first local airplane – “TETUKO”.

Stage: Bowo as BJ Habibie – who smiles and ‘memelotot-melototkan’ his eyes to the audience and holding an airplane

After his short period, it was Gus Dur who was being elected as the next President.

Stage: Daniel as Gus Dur, and acts as Gus Dur

However, being unique, the controversies that surrounded him was endless and leads to the replacement process.
Megawati – The daughter of Soekarno, was elected to be the president

Stage: Daniel as Megawati (put on some lipstick, please…!!!) – only smiles and never speaks

However, her policy of being silence appeared to be not a Gold at all…
In the very first and historical election process, the people of Indonesia chose their President directly.
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) was elected to be the next President

Stage: Daniel as SBY – poses as making speech (without voice, and moves his hands)

During his present time, his government are having the difficulties of trying to survive from all of the natural disasters – and moreover, to keep trying in establishing the justice and reducing the corruption in the country

Stage: Bowo as the corrupter – being arrested and beaten up ( :P )

Despite of all of the challenges, as long as there is good will, there are still hope for better Indonesia

And who knows…

Maybe you are seeing one of the future’s most influencing people of Indonesia:
So keep in mind these names:
SATRIA WIRA WIBAWA, (Bowo bows to the audience)
DANIEL PIETER GUSTAAF) (Daniel bows to the audience)
NANI HOTIJAH (Daniel bows to the audience)

Stage: The three bow to the audience

--- THE END ---

Jakarta, August 2, 2006

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