Saturday, January 24, 2009

12 May 2008

Assalamualaikum, Kanda,

How are you today?
Hope you had a good day... :)

Kanda, a few of my colleagues know about these letters I'm writing to you.
The mug, and my plan of having the VIP performances.
I let them now.

This is necessary as I don't want them to continue relating me with him.
It's not very good.

Well, their reactions are various.
Some of them are skeptical.
They said I'm being 'over' or 'too much';.

"What if he turned out to be not as this romantic?
Not understanding all of these?
Not really care & not really appreciate all the things you already did and will do for him??"

...I try to understand that they were reacting like that because they're worried about me.
Afraid that I would get dissappoined. That I'd eventually get hurt.

Well... first of all, I really believe that you are a man who is able to appreciate things,
even though you probably don't understand yet.
I also believe that you are a man of honor... who will honor things.

But at the worst scenario...
I'd say... I'm doing this not because I want you to adore me or anything...
These are only the expressions of how I feel about you...
The way I express my gratitude, my respect, my love... with a pure sincerity.
Not to expect anything. So I won't lose anything... :)

But it does occur in my mind that I'm doing all... that based on my own understanding..
based on my way...

I should have also think from your point of view...
And I will.
The only thing is... I don't know it yet.
If only you can help me and let me know...

What do you like?

Do you like if I cook for you?
No problem.
I like to cook.
I just don't have much chance to do it yet.
But I will...

What cookings / types of food do youlike?
Indonesian? Italian? Japanese? Chinese?
Hmm... I'll find the recipes later...

What else?
Do you like sport? or art?

Do you like to read?
What kinds of book?

How about movies? Or hobbies?
Do you like fishing?
I'd love to learn some fishing! :)

Or do you like travelling?
... That's even better!!! :)

Kanda, I think we can have some fun!!

...I know... I know...
Our lives shouldn't be something which are very selfish...
I understand that, Kanda...

Don't worry... our lives would still be dedicated for others...
I'm reading M Yunus' book 'Creating The World Without Poverty', by the way..
I think he is a man with both vision and action.

Anyway... that'll still be our mission in life.
But in doing that... let's be happy :)

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