Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, 28/3/2008

Dear you,

Hope it's OK for you - having me call your name as: you.
It's because I don't know your name yet, or anything related to your identity.

But I know you.
You must be a beautiful person..
Beautiful in your heart, your soul, and in your mind..

You ask me how do I know?
Well... that's very easy to answer.
It's because I pray The Lord so.

I pray to Him: that if He ever grant me a spouse; a husband...
then would He please bless and grants me a husband who will be able to bring both of us to Allah's ridho.
As... that is our purpose in life.

And so... my husband would automatically has the qualities required to do the task.

I really hope you don't think of me as a crazy person of writing to you... even before we ever meet; or have this bond of ours.

I just want to start our friendship even from now.
As you'll be my best friend.
From these letters, you will be able to know about what happen in my life, my feelings towards everything, and everything about me.
That's what friends are for, right?
To know, to share, and to support each other.

You ask me how would you help me with my problem - although we have never meet?
Well, sometimes listening is a very powerful help.
You may not be able to help to solve my problems yet; but you are listening to me through these letters.
And that's a major help already.

I wish I can be there beside you now to also help you when you need someone.
But we shall not be worry or complaining...
How can us??
We have Allah with us.
And that's more than enough... :)

I'll tell you about a lot of things later...
But right now I'd like to let you know that today they made it official for me becoming a Research Manager for qualitative here, at Acorn Indonesia.

M frances wrote an email to all staffs about the promotion...
And we had a 'bakso jangkung' party in the afternoon.

I realize this is not at all about a fancy tittle or anything like that.
It's a huge responsibility and challenge.
An amanah from Allah which I'd have to be responsible of later when I meet Him.

As of now, my responsibility lays to the clients, to the people who are working in this company, to my family, and to my self.

It won't be easy.
But it is not impossible either.
Wish me luck with this!


May Allah always leads us in every path we take.

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