Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tuesday, 1/4/1980

How was your day today?
I hope it was good as ever! :)

You ask me what this is?
Well... as you can see, it's a piece of ticket movie.

I went to watch a movie with mom & my sister Dayu last Sunday; after the Shiratun Nabi in Lenteng Agung mosque.

Mom has not watch the movie anymore since years ago. So she was very happy.
We watched 'Ayat-Ayat Cinta". It was quite good.
I am happy because we are able to produce good quality of movie; and watched by more than one million viewers.

I'm very proud to see that out of four theatres provided, all of them are Indonesian movies. We have a lot to improve, though...But still... it feels nice :)

This made me think of my meeting with my high school friends yesterday.
I didn't expect that in our generation (well... my generation) there are people who care to this nation, this counry, the people.

I was wrong.
There are people who still have the nationalism and willing to do something about it.
Long live Indonesia...!
Long live the people...!
Bangkitlah!! It's about time !!!
(oops... sorry... I got carried away...)

Anyway, back to my story about last Sunday...

Well... at the time we arrived at the movie place at Depok, we have runned out the ticket. We got the 4.45 pm play. So we had nearly 3 hours to spend.

So we looked around... for shoes.
Mom had been looking for silver shoes which matches her silver purse since 2002!
Six years she has been waiting...

And when I saw her eyes sparkling with happiness... and her face decorated with her bog smile... :) Nothing can beat the feeling...
It was really good.
And I hink I'm addicted to it... hahaha...

It goes the same when I saw the same sparks in Dayu's eyes with her new bag and shoes which match each other...
She was not as expressive as Mom, but still you can feel the same nice feeling...

It was also the addiction of the feeling which also lead me to see the same sparks in father's eyes when he tried and wear his new watch.
And when I saw the gleam of proud in his face...
:) I don't care how much to spend anymore..

... Now don't get me wrong...
I completely understand about the importance of saving and the concept of fortunate vs. unfortunate people...

Don't worry. It's not a lifestyle.
It's just something which is one-time-kind-of-thing.
I think it's ok.
I know you'll understand. :)

It's just that... to see those sparks.. it's priceless.
Beside, it is for them that I live and breathe.
Praise Allah to born me in this beautiful family.
At least this is what I can do for them.
I know you'll understand...

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