Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wednesday, 2/4/2008

Hi !
Assalamualaikum wr,wb
How are you?
May Allah grants you a beautiful day...

I got a bit cold today. My nose is full and I feel a bit dizzy.
But it is better now after I dance. But now a bit tires and sleepy.

Oh, by the way...
Have I told you that I'm a dancer?
I am a dancer. Always was. Always am. And always will.

It's in my blood.
Printed in my soul. Carved in my bones.

I've always love to dance.
It is something I always love to do.
Actually, there are 3 kinds of activities which I would always love to do no matter what:
1. Dancing
2. Swimming
3. Eating ! :P

Rather than to do other sport (except for swimming, of course)...
I prefer dance. Hopefully it'll bring good to my health. Amien.

Whenever I dance, or swim;
I would feel relaxed...
For me, those are my form of meditation.

What I love the most is to swim at night (around 10-11pm),
where no one is there; in an outdoor pool.

I would do 'gaya punggung' where I face the stars and swim, or even not swimming at all...
Only floating and follow where the water take my body..
It's very quie and I can only hear the sound of water...
It's one od the most beautiful moment...
I hope I can share it with you...

Oh... and the dance...
Other than for my personal indulgence, do you know that I learn those dances for you? :)

I imagine later on... when we alredy be together,
we would have special moments together.

I'll make a personal VIP invitation just for you,
for shows which I would present you the dances...
And it's no going to be a boring show, I promise you...

They will be in the form of mini theatre/drama;
with the dance, dialogues, and characters;
including the costumes which matches the overall theme / story.

I will also prepare the set of the 'stage';
or the rooms on where we would held this performance.

It can be the tale of Devdas from India,
Sam Pek Eng Tay from China,
or Nawang Wulan of Java.

It can also be a tale from Ramayana or Mahabharata,
where I would play Sinta, or Srikandi,
or whoever the character is.

It can also be the tale of the mermaid, or Swan Lake.

It won't be about princess Aurora, though...
'Cos she does nothing but sleep! :)

This is why I would also want to learn as many kinds of dances in the world!

Well, probably not balet, though...
'Cos it's kinda late.
Because I know it needs to start from a very young age to be able to get to the desired/required shape of the body.

I'm 28 now...
Not trying to be pessimistic...
But being realistic instead...

Anyway, the performance shall be conducted minimum once a month.

I'll personally prepare and make the special invitation for you.

Gosh... hope you like these kinds of art performances...

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